Smart Class Based Learning



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FutureBuds is an open platform for every kid to grow, nurture and prosper in the cycle of life. Childhood is the most crucial stage for every human, and this fact makes it very important to stroke the mind of a kid in the right direction in various aspects of life.

 FutureBuds provides a safe and nurturing environment for your children. This is very essential to tap their latest potential and bring them to the fore. Children are like soft sponges and we enable them to develop an explorative and curious bent to absorb meaningful knowledge and become well -adjusted, inquisitive, perceptive, bright and interactive children, ready for formal schooling.

FutureBuds, we kindle the spark of curiosity in the already bright child that is yours is so that he/she sparkles forever in future. Future Buds playschool is always connected to the idea that childhood is a time for kids to prosper in the recreational skills and develop a search behavior to dwell into different streams. Our preschool platform provides an open arena for children to indulge in the recreational activities by doing things on their own.

In our playschool, we are not only providing a technology-based learning but also blending the western culture with the Indian values system. This promotes the feeling of modernity along with strengthening the connection of children to their native roots.

We portray a visual form of learning that is easy to grasp and retain at every level. All the programs under our umbrella are provided using best of technical equipment and a memorable learning experience.

“We promise to cherish your little flower with a happy school going experience with every visit. “


Story time session

We make children learn through visual content and images that help them to directly connect to the thoughts and understand things better.


Sharing and Caring

A Child is made to learn basic values such as caring and sharing. Interactive sessions are taken up to develop the communication and interacting skills at an early stage.


E-Learning Class

A child is introduced to dusty knowledge about various subjects. Many activities such as reciting songs and rhymes help the children to connect with the printed content in the book.


Celebration of Festivities

This level of preschooling builds up curiosity, grooms the social skills and develops the understanding of the culture, beliefs and various festivities.